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PEP ASSOCIATES helps small to mid-sized business' increase sales opportunities through a variety of inbound marketing strategies that are designed to help your sustainable business succeed!

Our unique approach to targeted marketing is designed to draw attention to your product, build brand notoriety, and ultimately improve your sustainable product or service sales potential.

Product Sales and Marketing

Our technical advisors and sales team work in unison to help customers best understand the unique approaches that are required to buy and sell technologically sophisticated products and/or services in today’s sustainable market.


Sustainable Business Development

We leverage product research on market conditions, business trends, environmental regulations, and industry developments to find you the right brand strategy for your sustainable business, product, and/or service.


Virtual Customized Training

Learning is fundamental, especially when marketing and selling complexity. Our LMS helps both customers and producers build product knowledge, learn best practices, and make more informed buying decisions.


Latest News

How connected cars will support a more sustainable future

With emerging autonomous vehicles, 100% connected cars and 5G, it is possible to engineer and embed technology in ways that protect the environment and promote long-term sustainability.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like my weekend toys which are powered by internal combustion engines (ICE). However, we should embrace that we have the means today to build connected cars that help improve air quality, optimize energy performance, and decrease emissions.

Automotive production is slowly restarting but with global unemployment soaring, we can expect a weakened market in 2020-2021. I predict light vehicle sales just in North America down over 25%, and 14-22% globally in 2020…


Textile specialty fibre companies partner to create sustainable & soft workwear

Arvind Ltd Tencel, the textile specialty fibre brand under Lenzing, has partnered with India-based textile and garment major Arvind Ltd to launch a collection of trendy, stylish sustainable clothing for men. 

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Kroger targets more sustainable packaging

Kroger has pledged to make its private label packaging more sustainable by 2030, according to the company’s latest environmental, social and governance report. The retailer said it will try to achieve 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging and reduce unnecessary packaging across its store brands within ten years. 

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Sustainable bio- synthetic transparent films developed for plastic substitute

We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, over 40% is manufactured into films for packaging. Many of these products have a lifespan of mere minutes to hours, but some persist in the environment for hundreds of years…

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Siemens Energy gets $3.56 billion loan linked to sustainability criteria

Siemens Energy has obtained a revolving credit line of $3.56bn linked to sustainability criteria. Financing costs are linked to the fulfillment of defined key performance indicators (KPI) referring to…

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