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Want to live more sustainably but struggling? Lifestyle and sustainability blogger Zanna Van Dijk on striking her balance

LIFESTYLE — We all know that we should be doing our bit to help reduce the impact that we have on the environment but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or to feel like how, as individuals, we can make a difference. Fitness , travel and lifestyle blogger Zanna Van Dijk is constantly striving to become more environmentally conscious and to lessen the impact of her life choices on the environment. As a lover of travel and discovering the wonders of the planet, Zanna became increasingly aware of the effect modern life – from emissions to deforestation and plastic waste – is having on the environment and she has become increasingly passionate about doing her part to protect it.

Travel and lifestyle blogger Zanna Van Dijk is constantly striving to become more environmentally conscious ‘The way I see it, we get to live on this beautiful planet for free and looking after our home is like paying rent. We have two homes, our bodies and our planet, and we need to look after both. ‘I feel like it was ingrained in me from a young age to take care of the environment, so this passion has grown with me over time, especially as I have learnt more about the challenges the natural world is facing,’ she says. However, she admits it is not easy to know how to do your part. ‘People who are new to the concept of green living may be turned off by the expectation to get everything right. When in fact we don’t need 100 people living perfectly sustainable lifestyles, we need billions of people doing it imperfectly.’

This sense of being overwhelmed is something Zanna hears often from her followers and blog readers. Zanna admits it is not easy to know how to do your part for the environment ‘The main question I get is “where do I start?” And as I said, there are endless ways to live a little more consciously and it can be overwhelming when you start to learn about them all. So I encourage my followers to not be trapped by inaction or the fear of “doing it wrong”, instead just take the pressure of, have self-compassion, start small and keep going.’

On her award-winning blog, Zanna discusses how she does her own ‘imperfect’ sustainability. ‘I take a significant number of flights as a travel blogger,’ she explains. ‘Documenting destinations is an element of what I do. ‘I carbon offset my trips and always follow my responsible travel principles, like using reef safe suncrean if you’re swimming in the ocean to avoid damaging the ecosystem, and always trying to eat and shop local.’

Zanna also tries to keep a realistic view of living a sustainable life. ‘Unless you’re living off the grid, growing your own crops, making your own clothes and harvesting rain for your cold showers – you’re not going to be perfectly sustainable.’ Describing a few of the many lifestyle steps Zanna takes to be kinder to […]

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