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Walden Monterey, An Eco-Minded Residential Community, Proves Sustainability Is The New Luxury

MONTEREY, CA — Transcendentalist author Henry David Thoreau once wrote in his classic book Walden , “We need the tonic of wildness.” In this book from 1854, Thoreau wrote about his life in the woods in Massachusetts, which focused on simple living in nature and privacy. His serene way of life surrounded by nature served as inspiration for Walden Monterey, an eco-minded, gated residential community in Monterey, California. Concept home at Walden Monterey.

Walden Monterey Located just 80 miles from Silicon Valley and 100 miles from San Francisco, Walden Monterey is a luxurious and contemporary living community set on 600 acres of land overlooking Monterey Bay. It has just 22 homesites, each with 20 acres of private land. Nature and sustainability are at the forefront of this idyllic community, Walden Monterey is designed for people who seek a lifestyle rooted in nature. The property has its own solar power grid system and will have 200 acres of open space for homeowners to enjoy, as well as a community trail system, Zen meditation garden, kids’ treehouse, communal organic garden and a vineyard.

Nick Jekogian, president and CEO of Signature Group Investments, acquired the property in 2015 and originally planned to build it as a golf community. However, after staying on the property and realizing the positive effect being surrounded by nature brought, he wanted to encourage others to find their purpose through nature. He began developing Walden Monterey, a one-of-a-kind agrihood concept, in 2017. Agrihood is a community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. Another example of a concept home built into the land.

Jekogian, who has been in the real-estate industry for more than 25 years, brought together a dynamic team of artists, architects, environmental engineers, wellness and mindfulness experts, landscape architects and sustainability specialists to create a one-of-a-kind community with innovative design. Firms working with Walden Monterey include Luce et Studio, Feldman Architecture, MAD Design, Surface Landscape Architects, Axelrod Architects, Eric Miller Architects, SERA, Carmel Development Company, Lutsko Associates, Fougeron Architecture, Larson/Shores, Open Space Architecture, Rana Creek Design, Bone Structure and Hayward Healthy Homes.

What’s unique about this development is the autonomy of the design of your home. Unlike some developments that encourage similar structures and design elements, homeowners and architects are allowed full design freedom. No two homes will be the same. Homeowners also must choose an architect that is working with Walden Monterey. Owners have just two rules when designing their homes: they are not allowed to remove trees and renewable energy is required. Jekogian aims for the property to have a net-zero impact on the environment. Each home’s architecture will take inspiration from nature, whether it’s building asymmetrical roofs to reflect the irregular topography of the land, or using natural materials and color palettes. A glass-enclosed concept home. Walden Monterey There will also be a “try-before-you-buy” option. Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to stay in a modern, minimal glass structure, each designed by one of the architects on board, that acts as a roving guest house. […]

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