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Puerto Rico Firm Offers Sustainability Certifications for Businesses

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – CTI is the only Puerto Rican firm certified to ensure that local businesses are complying with the 17 SDGs to receive the international certification. Puerto Rico-based CTI Consulting Group recently formed an alliance with SIP Group, an innovation and sustainability consulting firm in the Dominican Republic, to develop a strategy for local companies to obtain a sustainability certification.

The International Sustainability Certification is provided by the Center for Sustainability and Excellence in Chicago, and the Chartered Management Institute in London. CTI President Viviane Fortuño explained to THE WEEKLY JOURNAL that the objective is to assist companies and organizations in reshaping their corporate culture in a way that complies with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Viviane M. Fortuño, president at CTI Consulting Group. As previously reported by your correspondent , the 17 SDGs are categorized under three main branches: protecting the environment, ending poverty and ensuring that everyone can enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

This mission was approved by nearly 170 countries in 2015, but five years later, many local business owners and workers are not aware of this integrated objective or the consequences to the island’s livelihood and the planet as a whole. Fortuño developed a strategy for CTI to meet those requirements and the firm is now the only one in Puerto Rico that can design sustainability strategies for organizations and professionals so they may receive the international certification. “What we do is we work very closely until we can develop a common project and achieve that certification,” she said. “You have to analyze your business and its area and, within those goals, what are the ones that can be developed and how can they be managed. And that is how you outline the plan; that is how you begin that analysis,” she added. However, she noted that many local businesses are unaware of the full scope of sustainability, believing it to be exclusively related to environmental efforts, so CTI is currently holding panels with companies and associations from the private sector to educate them, such as a recent forum held with the Chamber of Food Marketing, Industry & Distribution. “[For businesses], it’s not easy to understand what this represents and why they should take into consideration what we are presenting in terms of mitigating risks… Here in Puerto Rico, they see sustainability as a climate issue only. They see it as, ‘well, I’m already recycling and we do it at the company.’

There are three areas—environment, social aspect and the economic aspect—in which the 17 goals are developed,” Fortuño explained. She also observed that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic further enhanced conversations on the need to foster resilient business models. “A microscopic virus is testing our entire ability to adapt as a society. It is a new reality that brings both advantages and uncertainties, losses and gains.

From the business world, we are facing an opportunity for reconfiguration that accentuates the need to think about sustainable development by visualizing the resurgence when the crisis passes. […]

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